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Proximie Announces Partnership With Vodafone Business


Global health technology platform, Proximie, has announced a collaboration with Vodafone Business to increase access to surgical healthcare and training.

As part of Proximie’s mission to save lives by sharing the world’s best clinical practices, the new partnership will build on the existing relationship between the two companies bringing its world-class connected surgical care software together with innovative technologies from Vodafone Business, including 5G, IoT and Edge Computing.  

The partnership will accelerate the roll-out of Proximie’s platform as it looks to grow more rapidly in 2022 and beyond, and will advance access to digital surgical solutions for both patients and healthcare professionals. This will address two of the main challenges in healthcare: making healthcare service delivery more efficient and providing better training for the healthcare workforce – both vital in addressing current surgical backlogs and improving patient outcomes.

Data is compelling on the effect of the pandemic in healthcare and the need for solutions such as Proximie. Current estimations suggest 2.4 million operations will have been cancelled by 2021 year-end, and a report by the British Medical Association forecasts that by 2043, medical workforce shortages could be up to over 80,000 doctors. 

Proximie is creating a global network of operating rooms interconnected by the world’s best clinicians, to create a future vision where as many incisions as possible are informed by artificial intelligence, and clinicians are empowered with real-time diagnostics, data, and analysis. Healthcare experts can virtually ‘scrub-in’, record, and interact with any connected operating room in the world to enable, accelerate and improve surgical mentoring, proctoring, and technical expertise. 

Dr Nadine Hachach-Haram, Founder and CEO of Proximie, said:

“Proximie has started 2022 with huge momentum with this latest partnership announcement. Having the best connectivity is imperative for delivering digital health services at scale, so we are thrilled to partner with Vodafone Business to leverage its 5G capabilities and cutting edge technologies such as Edge Computing.

“Building on our existing relationship will accelerate the roll-out of our platform in the UK and across Europe. We will be able to provide connected surgical care to a wider audience and continue delivering impact by sharing the best clinical practice and ultimately saving lives.

“It further consolidates Proximie’s position as best-in-class and extends our existing lead in the HealthTech space. We are hugely excited to continue the collaboration with Vodafone Business.”

Mark Allinson, Business Development Director, Vodafone Business, said:

“This partnership with Proximie cements our existing relationship and will be an enabler of their connected surgical care solution through increased access to Vodafone’s technologies and platforms.  

The Vodafone Centre for Health with Deloitte is committed to helping more people gain access to healthcare by increasing the number of connected solutions for both patients and healthcare professionals.

We understand the critical role technology will play in transforming healthcare and, by bringing together Proximie’s expertise and Vodafone’s capabilities, we can accelerate the innovation needed to the drive efficiencies and improve patient care.”

Image caption: Proximie’s platform in action, with surgeons virtually ‘scrubbing in’ to guide hip surgery.

Source: Proximie.

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