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Positive Results Presented for THERACLION’s SONOVEIN® Robotic Platform


THERACLION has announced the presentation of echotherapy treatment results by Dr Stalnikiewicz at Swiss Vein Days 2022. The Lille-based expert achieved a 95% vein occlusion rate for all his patients since the end of his learning curve, thanks to the advanced non-invasive SONOVEIN® technology.

One of the world’s first echotherapy experts for varicose veins

For the first time, Dr Guillaume Stalnikiewicz, practising in Wambrechies (Lille) and president of NordPhlebo, presented his results to a scientific audience. Since the first patient in March 2020, the phlebologist has treated 35 GSV (‘great saphenous vein’), 38 perforating veins, 5 LLG (‘neo-saphenous veins’), 6 SSV (‘small saphenous veins’) et 5 ASV (‘accessory saphenous vein’), i.e. a total of 85 patients and 89 veins. After a learning period, Dr Stalnikiewicz achieved a 95% occlusion rate for all veins. The ages of the patients treated range from 33 to 88 years old. These patients corresponded to SONOVEIN® S use instructions.

A treatment with results equivalent to endovenous methods

At the Swiss Vein Days on June 9th and 10th 2022 in Bruderholz, Switzerland, Dr Stalnikiewicz expressed his satisfaction with the high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) treatment system: ‘I am particularly pleased to be able to present these results, because they are very close to the ones I have achieved with existing endovenous methods. The significant advantage, for both patient and doctor, is that echotherapy is non-invasive and allowed us to treat cases impossible to treat with traditional thermal methods’.

Theraclion’s general director David Caumartin welcomed the collaboration with the Lille-based doctor, one of the very first to be trained in echotherapy for varicose veins, and sees it as a strong signal for the development of the technology: ‘The presentation of these results is an important confirmation of the effectiveness of our latest SONOVEIN® HD robotic platform’.

Source: Theraclion.

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