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Globus Medical Announces First Surgery with ExcelsiusGPS® Cranial Solutions


Leading musculoskeletal solutions company, Globus Medical, has announced the first surgery performed with the ExcelsiusGPS® Cranial Solutions for robot-assisted navigated Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS). Cranial Solutions is the latest evolution of the ExcelsiusGPS® platform, transforming it to a 2-in-1 application system, and is now commercially available in the United States.

Dr. Francisco Ponce of Barrow Neurological Institute is the first surgeon to perform a DBS procedure with ExcelsiusGPS®, stating “This platform has been designed by surgeons in collaboration with engineers. It is very intuitive and eliminates the need for the standard arc and frame in the procedure which significantly improves OR efficiency and removes one aspect of potential human error from the procedure.” Dr. Ponce will continue to advance his practice to incorporate ExcelsiusGPS® for stereotactic cranial procedures.

ExcelsiusGPS® Cranial Solutions combines streamlined MRI preoperative planning with fully integrated robotic trajectory alignment for a broad spectrum of cranial stereotactic procedures including SEEG, DBS, biopsies, and shunts. With the only Fluoroscopy-to-CT registration modality on the market, ExcelsiusGPS® Cranial Solutions offers surgeons the ability to efficiently register the bony anatomy. The actively navigated end effector automatically and precisely aligns to planned trajectories without the need for a stereotactic arc. This platform is designed to easily adapt to each surgeons’ workflow and preferred instruments.

Source: Globus Medical.

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