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MicroPort® Establishes U.S. Headquarters in California


MicroPort Scientific Corporation (MicroPort®) has announced plans to establish ‘MicroPort Scientific America Inc.’ in California, USA, cementing its headquarters for the Americas. The new headquarters, based at the core medical company zone with over 10,000 square meters total floor area in Irvine, CA, will function as MicroPort®’s headquarters for the Americas, and house the Miracle Point® Southern California Innovation Center and Intelligent Manufacturing Base after the property purchased. The new headquarters will allow for MicroPort®’s further development in the Americas, especially in North America as a key component of their long-term strategy.

Upon completion of the new headquarters, multiple business units will set up their North America branches to actively develop local business with the help of local resources. Miracle Point® is a ‘full process linear enabler’ aiming to support activities from generating new pharmaceutical concepts to achieving commercialization and economy of scale.

With the successful launch of Miracle Point® in Southern California, relying on its unique advantages in new product development, standard commercialization processes, resources of the Southern California medical industry cluster, and a strong industrial base, MicroPort® is expected to develop more world-class medical products at a faster pace, thus benefiting patients across the world. Upon completion, the Intelligent Manufacturing Base in Southern California will further improve the global supply chain system of MicroPort® and accelerate the process of localized clinical research, mass production and marketing of MicroPort® products, especially the new generation of coronary stent system Firehawk Liberty®. The intelligent production line of coronary stent products is planned to complete installation and trial run within two years with large-scale mass production capacity.

Mr. Yiyun Que, the First Vice President of Intelligent Manufacturing, Engineering and Global Supply Chain at MicroPort®, stated, “Once completed, the MicroPort® Americas Headquarters and the Southern California Intelligent Manufacturing Base will add to the existing R&D and manufacturing centers in Boston and Memphis, forming a ‘MicroPort® US Triangle’. A stable regional presence will support the utilization of local resources more effectively and help us to engage more closely with US patients so as to meet their needs more quickly and efficiently. With the exciting news that the global shipments of MicroPort® coronary stent systems is expected to exceed 1.2 million units within this year, marking MicroPort® to become Top 2 in global market share, MicroPort® will step up efforts in advancing the clinical registration and commercialization processes of multiple innovative products, to make them available to patients in the Americas and the world as soon as possible.”

Mr. Jonathan Chen, the Chief International Business Officer of MicroPort®, stated, “MicroPort® will continue to invest US$200 million in Southern California in the next five years, and create around 500 high-quality jobs to further support the local communities. Meanwhile, we will actively promote technological innovation within MicroPort® by leveraging the synergy of global innovation resources, to better serve the doctors in a more efficient and convenient manner and benefit patients around the world.”

As the largest medical device market in the world, the US owns the world leading scientific foundation and plentiful talent reserve. These resources will complement MicroPort®’s R&D and manufacturing capacity in the Americas with the current efforts mainly in Greater China, UK, France, Italy and Spain, to form the “MicroPort® Global Triangle” of R&D and production centers in Asia, Europe and Americas, which will significantly enhance the operational efficiency, improve overall profitability of MicroPort®, and effectively reduce non-operational major risks caused by uncontrollable changes in the external environment. The “MicroPort® Global Triangle” is expected to enable the company to grow in a sustainable and robust manner, to further protect the interests of all shareholders and the well-being of patients around the world.

Source: MicroPort Scientific Corporation.

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