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Microbot Medical Announces Additional Milestone for LIBERTY® Robotic Surgical System


Microbot Medical Inc. announces that an additional milestone was achieved when medical professionals experienced the Company’s LIBERTY Robotic Surgical System as part of a formative study. The study was designed to enable medical professionals, including physicians and Cath-lab technicians, to use and experience LIBERTY in a real-use simulated environment.

The study was performed and managed by experts from a company specializing in conducting Human Factors and Usability Engineering tests of medical devices.

The study included five teams, each consisting of an interventional radiologist and a Cath-Lab technician and simulated the expected clinical setup and use of the LIBERTY® Robotic Surgical System. All participants were successfully trained on the system prior to their participation and the study validated that the LIBERTY Robotic Surgical System operation and setup are intuitive.

Analysis and data from the study exhibited high subjective grading both by the physicians and the technicians, with no comments made on the designed operative flow.

“Educating and establishing close relationships with our target audience enables the Company to gain valuable feedback and increase awareness to our unique system. In parallel to our regulatory and pre-clinical efforts, we invest in receiving endorsements from leading experts and institutes which we believe will allow us to leverage our path to the clinical stages and later on to the market,” commented Eyal Morag, Chief Medical Officer.

Source: Microbot Medical

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