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Microbot Medical Acquires Nitiloop’s NovaCross™ Microcatheter Portfolio


Microbot Medical has announced, as a continuation of its recent regulatory and future commercialization activities, together with its strategic mission to enable accessibility to multiple endovascular procedures globally, that it has acquired the assets of privately-held Nitiloop Ltd. The acquisition includes the NovaCross™ family of Microcatheters (NovaCross CTO, NovaCross Xtreme and NovaCross BTK), a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared family of medical devices intended to facilitate the intraluminal placement of conventional and steerable guidewires beyond stenotic lesions, including chronic total occlusions (CTO), prior to PTCA or stent intervention.

The NovaCross™ Microcatheter family, as a standalone device or when potentially integrated with the Company’s One & Done™ technology, is expected to create a collection of procedure related kits that are customized for the LIBERTY® Robotic System. The LIBERTY Robotic System is the first-ever disposable endovascular robotic system with remote operation capabilities and small footprint designed to reduce the requirement of capital investment and Cath Lab space. The Company expects this integration to help revolutionize and standardize the way endovascular procedures are conducted, while eliminating barriers to access and increasing the adoption rate of robotics in the endovascular space.

The integration of technologies, such as the NovaCross™ Microcatheter family, fits well with the ecosystem strategy of the Company by allowing it to be competitive in the robotic as well as the instruments market for endovascular procedures, with the aim to integrate imaging and big data capabilities in the future. The Company believes the achievement of the LIBERTY Robotic System ecosystem will allow Microbot Medical to advance the adoption of robotics in the endovascular space, globally.

“The addition of Nitiloop’s innovative, FDA cleared microcatheter family complements the unique robotic ecosystem we are establishing for endovascular procedures. This is expected to further assist us in executing our strategic plan of becoming a complete procedure-based company, allowing Microbot Medical to be competitive across the entire endovascular robotic space,” commented Harel Gadot, Chairman, President and CEO. “We believe the NovaCross™ family of products, once integrated into our existing technology platforms with the LIBERTY Robotic System and our future One & Done technology, will potentially standardize endovascular procedures globally and may finally allow accessibility to robotic technology for the millions that are in dire need of life-saving treatment.”

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Source: Microbot Medical.

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