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meerecompany Announces Installation of Revo-i at Severance Hospital


meerecompany has announced that Revo-i was successfully installed at Severance Hospital on March 27th. Revo-i robotic surgery starts in earnest in Severance Hospital from April. Initial introduction to Severance Hospital also brings expectations of accelerating introduction to other large hospitals

Revo-i is the first Korean laparoscopic surgical robot, and it has achieved success in commercialization. This robot provides the benefits of a high-resolution 3D stereoscopic image, wide view and multi-joint devices to support doctors for fine and delicate motions as well as reduced operation time. Furthermore, its intuitive design allows medical professionals who are not familiar with this robot to easily learn how to use it. Revo-i also carries a low risk of infection for patients due to reduced blood loss as well as allowing a shorter recovery time. Early after the release of Revo-i, its main goal was to obtain clinical references based on the above benefits, combined with a highly reasonable price. In this regard, its first target was a hospital specialized in specific surgeries, such as hepatopancreaticobiliary or OB/GYN surgery. After MFDS(Ministry of Food & Drug Safety) approval, clinical studies were conducted with Severance Hospital, and significant clinical references have been accumulated.

This led to a successful introduction to the Korea Cancer Center Hospital, which is a public medical institution at the tertiary general hospital level, and export to Uzbekistan. Based on successful achievements, it is rapidly expanding its stage to a wider range of high-difficulty robot surgery applications, including partial nephrectomy, hysterectomy, and thyroidectomy, in addition to prostatectomy. The supply of Revo-i to Severance Hospital demonstrated its technical power and marketability.

Severance Hospital has already been using 9 surgical robot systems, the greatest number in the country, and features the world’s best robotic surgery experience. In other words, it is the world’s first leading medical institution that achieved 30 thousand cases of robotic surgery in 2021. The introduction of meerecompany’s Revo-i to Severance Hospital is expected to rapidly accumulate clinical references, including high-difficulty robotic surgeries. This increase in clinical references is likely to accelerate the domestic and overseas introduction of Revo-i. Furthermore, meerecompany’s surgical robot research development capacity will be combined with Severance Hospital medical professionals’ extensive clinical experience in robotic surgeries. This will serve as a great turning point for dramatically expanding Revo-i’s robotic surgery applications and enhancing its clinical stability evaluation.

Meanwhile, Severance Hospital is evaluated to have demonstrated its role and responsibilities as the domestic best medical institution for the vitalization of the domestic medical device industry. Before the introduction of Revo-i, Severance Hospital implemented an education and training program for Revo-i robotic surgery in the Severance Robot and MIS Center to provide medical professionals with the opportunity to try the robot. The Hospital is expected to lead the expanded use of Revo-i and to be an education and training hub for Revo-i. This will contribute to Revo-i entering world markets and play an important role in the development of the domestic medical device industry.

“The introduction of Revo-i to Severance Hospital, one of the leaders of global robotic surgery, is a very meaningful achievement. I believe Revo-i’s introduction to one of the top-class medical institutions in the country will serve as an opportunity to prove Revo-i’s global competitiveness, and we will fully cooperate with medical professionals to allow more patients to receive Revo-i robotic surgery,” said Joon Koo Kim, the CEO of meerecompany. He also added that this introduction will become “a great turning point for the company’s entrance into domestic and overseas markets.” He shared his ambition to “accelerate the company’s advance into global medical markets, based on advancements in Revo-i performance, as well as accumulated clinical references in various indications that the company will obtain through a continuous and robust partnership with Severance Hospital, and establish a virtuous cycle where the aforementioned efforts lead to the development of the domestic medical device industry.”

Source: meerecompany

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