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Leica Microsystems Releases ARveo 8 Digital Visualization Neurosurgery Microscope

ARveo 8 digital visualization neurosurgery microscope.

Leica Microsystems has launched the ARveo 8, a digital visualization neurosurgery microscope with ultra-fast processing speeds. Through the use of advanced augmented reality (AR) visualization, ARveo 8 enables the entire neurosurgical team to benefit from an improved level of AR visualization by utilizing AR fluorescence imaging, IGS information, and endoscopic imaging. The ultra-fast processing capabilities of the ARveo 8 delivers visual information to users with a more natural, real-time feel to help them make informed and precise decisions during surgery. ARveo 8 helps increase efficiency in the OR, improves system accessibility for the entire team with its new graphical user interface, and provides the freedom to adopt more new technologies and AR applications as they become available.

“With ARveo 8 we keep unlocking the digital future to deliver the next era of surgical visualization and modularity by enabling the entire neurosurgical team to benefit from a new level of enhanced AR visualization, efficiency, and accessibility for most informed and precise clinical decisions. The next era of surgical visualization starts here, and the possibilities are endless,” says Markus Lusser, President of Leica Microsystems. 

Together with EnhancePath, a concept for future upgradeability and system compatibility from Leica Microsytems, ARveo 8 provides a seamless way to evolve smoothly and confidently into digital neurosurgery as it advances.

ARveo 8 further enhances visualization for the user by adding layers of information from different systems directly onto the microscope image. Surgeons can add these to their view on-screen or through the oculars with additional visual information from pre-operative images, GLOW800 augmented reality fluorescence, image guided surgery systems, and endoscopic imaging feeds. 

The new graphical user interface of the ARveo 8 and its recording unit are clearly structured with systems illustrations for easy setup and intraoperative functionality that can be tailored to the needs of each surgeon or surgery. This strips away interface complexities and allows more efficient workflows. With ARveo 8, neurosurgeons can choose to work through the oculars, heads-up displays, or both. Either way, the entire team can observe every move by following the procedure on the 31-inch microscope screen, the 55-inch 4K cart-mounted 3D monitor, or on the control panel screen.

Product image: The ARveo 8 digital visualization microscope for neurosurgery takes augmented reality visualization to the next level.

Source: Leica Microsystems.

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