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Johnson & Johnson Announces New Robotic Surgery System


Johnson & Johnson has today unveiled its new Ottava surgical robotic platform. The platform will offer unrivalled flexibility and control compared to existing systems available on the market, with six arms all integrated into the operating table. Ottava also has a zero-footprint design to enable patient access, increase space in the operating room, and improve workflow.

According to Dr. Frederic Moll, Johnson & Johnson robotics chief development officer and an Intuitive Surgical co-founder, in Italian, “Ottava” means to play music an octave higher. He said: “That (an octave higher) is what we mean to enable in medical intervention.”

The Ottava system is the result of Johnson & Johnson’s efforts to build a best-in-class development team with the acquisitions of Verb Surgical and Auris Health last year driving forward this combined development.

Further information is available here.

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