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Intelligent Haptronic Solutions aims to disrupt endoscopy simulator market

Intelligent Haptronic Solutions

Chinese haptic robotics start-up with big ambitions.

Intelligent Haptronic Solutions (HIS), the Chinese robotics start-up enabling virtual surgical training with haptic technology, has secured several million yuan from Aplus Labs and Initial Science Value Investment in an angel round.

Chinese hospitals face a big challenge due to a shortage of skilled doctors and surgeons. HIS aims to solve this problem, through the development of training robots – specifically for gastrointestinal endoscopic surgeries. The virtual reality-based, robotic digestive endoscopy simulators enable medical students and entry level doctors to easily receive surgical training.

IHS endoscopy training simulator boasts a number of product advantages resulting in a revolutionary training experience for surgeons/trainees:-
• Lifelike VR environment
• Realistic force feedback and audio effect
• Real time guidance through the training
• Comprehensive report after the training.

Compared to traditional training methods, HIS digestive endoscopy training simulator provides higher training quality, repeatability and efficiency.

Further information can be found here.

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