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In2Bones Launches CoLink® Mfx Midfoot Plating System


In2Bones Global, Inc. has announced the U.S. launch of its CoLink® Mfx Midfoot Plating System. This versatile collection of low-profile plates is designed to address various traumatic fractures, osteotomies and fusions of the midfoot.

The new fixation system includes eight titanium plate styles for Lisfranc and midfoot procedures, together with variable angle locking, fixed-locking, non-locking and cancellous screws, and full instrumentation for guided use.

Accommodating the anatomy of the first tarsometatarsal joint, the Lisfranc Plates feature a unique dorsal to plantar twist during the transition from the proximal to distal screw holes, allowing room for an independent homerun screw to be placed.

“The challenges with previous fixation systems is that they don’t take into account the anatomic structure of the medial cuneiform bone,” says Kevin Varner, MD, Chairman of the Department of Orthopedics, Houston Methodist Weill Cornell Medical College, and Specialist at Houston Methodist Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. “The twist in the CoLink Mfx Lisfranc plates allow me to more easily capture better bone in the medial cuneiform while avoiding the intercuneiform joint, and provides room for the homerun Lisfranc screw.”

The Midfoot Reconstruction family of plates also feature a low-profile, dynamic transverse compression hole for use with a 4.0mm CoLag® Screw for compression across the joint or fracture location.

The entire fixation system is delivered pre-sterilized and OR-ready, providing logistical, quality, and cost benefits to the healthcare provider.

Plate Design Improvements
Like all In2Bones products, the CoLink Mfx Midfoot Plating System features numerous design enhancements to simplify and speed the surgical procedure and improve patient outcomes, including:

  • Low-profile, anatomically contoured titanium plates are designed to fit patient anatomy.
  • A Type II anodization finish is intended to give CoLink Mfx plates a stronger, smoother surface than standard color anodization.
  • Minimal prominence at the plate and screw head interface may provide additional protection against soft tissue irritation.

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