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HEIDENHAIN Launches “PressFit” Encoders for Small Motors


HEIDENHAIN has announced the introduction of the revolutionary PressFit rotary encoders, providing small-motor manufacturers with a better solution for incorporating automated mounting for feedback devices. This new ExI 11xx encoder series features a unique compact design that allows fast and simple mounting by press-fitting into a motor housing while still allowing surrounding space for cables and seals. HEIDENHAIN’s PressFit encoders are made for integration into motors with a flange size as small as 40 mm x 40 mm or an axis height of only 20 mm!

Developed in collaboration with global motor manufacturers, HEIDENHAIN’s new PressFit encoders include a “PressFit” flange that can be secured in a motor housing through a frictional connection, using a specially designed tolerance sleeve. This innovative system promises to support automation efforts by easing mounting requirements, leading to less mounting time being required.

HEIDENHAIN’s new PressFit ExI 11xx encoders provide the following key technical benefits:

  • Automatable mounting
  • Faster installation
  • Wide mounting tolerances
  • Compact design
  • EnDat 2.2 purely serial interface
  • Functional Safety capability

Surgical Robotics Technology

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