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Haventure Start-ups Raise €450k Each in Seed Financing Round

Haventure has announced that seven start-ups of its ecosystem have successfully partnered together to raise seed money, rounding €3.15 M, representing €450k for each start-up, from a dedicated entity named SUROSH.

The start-ups have targeted business models that directly address unmet clinical needs in the MedTech and Robotics space, leveraging the dense ecosystem of Grenoble hub in digital surgery and surgical robotics. They span indications such as orthopedics, ENT, Spine surgery, and maternal hemorrhage.

• Extremis Robotics is developing first robotic applications for total ankle arthroplasty and other foot indications (CEO: Mrs Anaelle Blachon)

• Hemosquid is developing a novel uterine device for treating mild to severe postpartum hemorrhage (CEO: Mr Franck Ott)

• KAT Robotics is developing a robotic application with interactive power tool control for orthopedic applications (CEO: Mrs Addie Harris)

• LinkX Roboticsis developing an innovative solution with 3D planning and robotics technologies to precisely address knee ligament injuries (CEO: Mrs Manon Linder)

• SpinEM Roboticsis developing a next generation robotic spinal surgery system (CEO: Mr Stéphane Morvan)

• Ostesys is developing an innovative solution with imaging, planning, and robotics technologies for osteotomies around the knee (CEO: Marie-Anne Chanrion)

• Zentact Robotics is developing an advanced telemanipulated robot for endoscopic ENT surgery (CEO: Mr Clément Mirabel).

Haventure seven start ups

“I have decided to let angels invest in our start-ups in order to share a very promising success story to come”, declared Stéphane Lavallée, Haventure president and main founder of the start-ups. “I am thrilled participating to this successful seed raise. It was facilitated by the strong track record that these start-ups share with Stéphane and me in the field of surgical robotics and digital surgery, with successful market launches and company exits, as Cardan Robotics, A2 Surgical, Traumis, Blue Ortho, Imascap, Orthotaxy, Johnson&Johnson Velys Surgical System, eCential Robotics”, said Addie Harris, Haventure CEO.

“We have built a very powerful ecosystem of start-ups, in Grenoble. It’s very promising. Our start-up accelerator Haventure is going to deliver. Be ready for new technologies, new products, in collaboration with eCential Robotics, that are going to bring a new dimension to the domain”, said Delphine Henry, business advisor for Haventure. This funding is the result of the support and trust of the start-ups’ financial partners (BNP Paribas, BPI France, BP

AURA, CERA, CIC Lyonnaise de Banque, Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes), of their advisors during this raising phase (Apparius, NCA and Goodwin), and of the day-to-day commitment of the network of suppliers and partners to achieve excellence in design and production, enabling each start-up to already have serious contacts for the next financing phases.

Source: Haventure

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