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Globus Medical Launches MARVEL™ Growing Rod System

growing rod system

Globus Medical, Inc. has announced the commercial launch of the MARVEL™ Growing Rod System, which is designed for pediatric patients with early onset scoliosis to obtain and maintain correction while allowing for growth through minimally invasive distraction.

MARVEL™ growing rods feature a powerful geared mechanism that provides reliable, efficient lengthening through a large 40mm or 60mm expansion range, with PEEK polymer bearing surfaces to minimize wear. Lengthening of each rod is achieved through a minimally invasive procedure with a small incision for driver access to minimize soft tissue disruption.

“The need to balance curve correction with growth in patients with early onset scoliosis makes it one of the most challenging conditions facing pediatric spine surgeons,” says Dr. Shyam Kishan, board-certified orthopedic surgeon and Medical Director at Medical City Children’s Hospital Orthopedics & Spine in Dallas, TX. “MARVEL™’s novel design allows for reliable distraction for continued spinal growth while minimizing impact to the patient.”

“Globus Medical is committed to providing world class solutions for the most complex spinal disorders,” said David Hole, President, Spine at Globus Medical. “MARVEL™, together with our recent launch of the REFLECT™ Scoliosis Correction System, a non-fusion growth modulation system for treatment of skeletally immature idiopathic scoliosis patients, demonstrates our commitment to leveraging our product development engine to serve children with scoliosis and the surgeons who care for them. We are very excited to bring these innovations to the marketplace.”

MARVEL™ Growing Rods are indicated in patients under 10 years of age with potential for additional spine growth who require surgical treatment to obtain and maintain correction of severe, progressive, life threatening, early onset spinal deformities associated with thoracic insufficiency, including early onset scoliosis, as part of a growing rod construct.

Source: Globus Medical

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