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Genoray Becomes First Korean Manufacturer to Launch DBT Breast Cancer Diagnosis System


Genoray will showcase the DBT breast cancer diagnosis system at KIMES2021.

Medical device company, Genoray, has received DBT breast cancer diagnosis system manufacturing and sales certification from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) for the first time in Korea. Genoray will showcase the DBT breast cancer diagnosis system ‘HESTIA’ at the ‘36th International Medical Equipment & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES2021)’.

DBT stands for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis, and if this technology is used, unlike conventional 2D equipment, it is possible to observe a tomography image of the breast, enabling a much more precise breast cancer diagnosis. In addition, by increasing the breast cancer diagnosis efficiency by more than 30%, it is possible to optimize the diagnosis of microcalcifications and tumors of many dense breasts in Asian women, including Korea.

In the Korean domestic market, there is no domestic equipment that can compete with foreign equipment of the same kind, so it has relied only on expensive foreign equipment. With the release of ‘HESTIA’ this time, Genoray can enter the treatment market as well as hospitals, clinics, and examination centers, which were considering introduction due to expensive equipment prices and maintenance costs. In addition, as screenings using the DBT breast cancer diagnosis system are already common in major developed countries such as the United States and Europe, Genoray plans to actively target overseas markets by securing additional European CE and US FDA certifications in the future.

‘HESTIA’ was developed to minimize unnecessary radiation exposure even in basic 2D specifications, and to provide ultra-high-definition and high-resolution images with high contrast. It is a state-of-the-art equipment that can accurately diagnose cancer cells and microcalcifications by clearly distinguishing the shape and location of the patient’s breast tissue through the breast tomography image provided as a DBT option. In addition, it is possible to check the operation status of the equipment using the LED lamp on the side, and the user’s convenience and patient’s sense of stability are added through the audio guide and indicator functions. In addition, ‘HESTIA’ was selected as the ‘2020 Good Design’ of Korea’s highest authority for its beautiful exterior design with a female-friendly curve design. In addition, the integrated stand-type design minimized the installation space of the equipment and received favorable reviews for its design in consideration of space efficiency.

An official of Genoray said, “’HESTIA’ is a meaningful result of intensive all technical capabilities based on the technology and experience accumulated by internalizing X-ray core technologies for the past 20 years.” We will strive to strengthen the country’s first history and become the world’s best history.”

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