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Exactech Launches Next-Generation Technology for ExactechGPS®


Exactech has recently announced the launch of next-generation hardware and software for its ExactechGPS® guided personalized surgery system. These new developments further advance the only navigation system available for knee and shoulder replacement surgery, which serves as the foundation of the company’s Active Intelligence® technology platform.

ExactechGPS now features wireless connectivity for more interconnected data, case management and technology integration. In addition, new proprietary camera technology provides state-of-the-art visibility and stability, allowing straightforward incorporation into surgeon-specific and operating room workflows.

With the addition of these design features, ExactechGPS continues to be available with no capital expense, allows the surgeon full control and accessibility within the sterile field, and maintains a small footprint which makes it amenable to ambulatory surgery centers. ExactechGPS currently supports both knee and shoulder applications, with future expansion planned.

Orthopaedic surgeon Pierre-Henri Flurin, MD, recently completed the first case with the upgraded system in Europe.  Kansas surgeons Scott Adrian, MD, and Jacob Deister, MD, performed the first cases in the United States last week.

According to Dr. Adrian, “As a young orthopaedic surgeon, ExactechGPS assists me through its guidance for implant placement. To me, it’s an important tool that supports my goal of providing excellent care for each of my patients.”

Dr. Deister reported, “I’ve been using ExactechGPS for three years now, in close to 500 surgeries. The upgrades are an exciting addition to a system that I value greatly for everyday cases as well as my complicated joint replacements.”

These next-generation ExactechGPS upgrades will occur throughout 2021 at no cost.

ExactechGPS is a foundational technology that powers Exactech’s Active Intelligence® platform. The company is aggressively expanding this portfolio of uniquely accessible smart solutions to help surgeons engage with patients and peers, solve challenges with predictive tools, and optimize the way they perform surgery.

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