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Elekta’s MOSAIQ and Versa HD Named “Best in KLAS”


Elekta today announced that its MOSAIQ® Oncology Information System (OIS) and Versa HD™ linear accelerator have been named “Best in KLAS” in the 2021 Best in KLAS: Software and Services Report. MOSAIQ was ranked first in the Oncology (Radiation) category and Versa HD was ranked highest in the Radiation Therapy (equipment) category. Awards are based on evaluations collected by KLAS, an independent research firm.

Recognized as a winner eight times in “Best in KLAS” reports, MOSAIQ is more than an electronic health record. It is the heart of MOSAIQ Plaza, Elekta’s ecosystem of digital tools that works seamlessly with radiotherapy systems. With MOSAIQ Plaza, healthcare professionals are connected to their patients throughout their comprehensive treatment journey – ensuring efficient, standardized daily practice that delivers pathway-driven, value-based healthcare.

Receiving the highest score for radiation therapy in the report, Versa HD, Elekta’s most advanced and versatile linear accelerator, allows clinicians to perform a wide range of stereotactic treatments, therapy that requires the highest levels of accuracy. These treatments can be delivered in a standard therapy slot of 15 minutes or less. 

The accuracy, speed and stereotactic capabilities of Versa HD have given clinicians worldwide new possibilities for personalized, precise radiation therapy for every patient in a way that was not possible before, according to Larry Biscotti, Elekta’s Executive Vice President, Region North and Central America.

“However, in the Covid-19 era, the ability to safely hypofractionate therapy has made an even bigger impact,” he said. “Delays in radiation therapy – due either to postponed diagnostic screening or centers’ Covid-19 rules that restrict timely radiotherapy delivery – have made it imperative to implement hypofractionation. This technique not only limits the number of patient visits to the health care environment, additionally a hypofractionated course is completed in a shorter time frame, freeing up resources to decrease the backlog of patients awaiting treatment. Versa HD is the right system at the right time. 

“In 2020, we were able to demonstrate our adaptability by generating service solutions for our customers operating in a Covid-19 backdrop, offering Radiation Oncology Alternative Payment Model support and education, and capitalizing on our cloud solution to support customers with remote working environments,” Biscotti adds. “MOSAIQ – and other MOSAIQ Plaza digital tools – connect our customers to colleagues, data and patients throughout the entire patient journey.”

This year marks the beginning of Elekta’s third decade of delivering the company’s industry-leading software innovations to customers – the 2021 “Best in KLAS” honors reflecting Elekta’s continuous innovation in oncology informatics. 

Elekta will receive the awards on February 23 during the “Best in KLAS Awards Show”.

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