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eCential Robotics and Amplitude Surgical Announce Long-term Partnership


eCential Robotics, a French growth company that designs, manufactures, and markets the first unified 2D/3D robotic imaging and surgical navigation system for bone surgery indications, and Amplitude Surgical, leading French player on the surgical technology market for lower limb orthopedics, announced their long-term partnership to develop a joint robotic solution for knee surgery.

Combine the strengths of two partners, both experts in their respective field

eCential Robotics and Amplitude Surgical have concluded an agreement to bring together their technologies for knee robotic surgeries. Based on product technical excellence and a shared long-term view, this partnership brings the best of both partners:

  • Surgical robotics with eCential Robotics’ platform. As the only available solution that is fully unified in one device, the eCential Robotics platform unifies in its core design intraoperative 2D/3D imaging, navigation, and robotics. The eCential Robotics platform is an open solution, catering to different surgeons’ preferences and has a proven collaboration track record with multiple industry partners in spine surgery,
  • Navigation and knee surgery with Amplitude Surgical. With more than 15 years’ experience in knee navigated surgery, thanks to its proprietary system Amplivision, and more than 20 years clinical follow up on Total Knee Arthroplasty, Amplitude Surgical will bring its expertise for an optimized surgical flow based on the latest alignment techniques.

Get the best value from Amplitude Surgical’s solutions using eCential Robotics’ expertise

Robotics technologies provided by eCential Robotics will enable the specific features of Amplitude Surgical’s solutions in surgical navigation and orthopedic implants to be fully leveraged, thereby optimizing the surgery offered to the patient.

We are excited to announce this special partnership with Amplitude Surgical. This collaboration marks an important step in the implementation of our ambition to become a standard in the operating room for bone surgery by opening our platform to a new orthopedic specialty, with the knee”, said Stéphane Lavallée, eCential Robotics CEO. “This strong synergy is enabled by the contribution of two very complementary expertise, and asserts eCential Robotics’ positioning in surgical robotics”, he added.

“We are proud to announce this new partnership with eCential Robotics. Since the start of our company, bringing technologies to help surgeons achieve the best outcome for their patients has been our vision”, stated Olivier Jallabert, Amplitude Surgical CEO. This collaboration marks a step forward in our strategy, offering surgeons the possibility to optimize their surgical technique, not only with navigation, but with robotic assistance. We are proud to work with such an amazing partner like eCential, and a renowned team of surgeons and to continue the legacy of French orthopedic expertise. The fruit of this collaboration will allow Amplitude to compete with major players in this segment, with an innovative robotic solution”, he concluded.

Source: eCential Robotics.

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