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Corin Group Completes First Clinical Use of Apollo™ Robotic-Assisted Surgical Platform

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Corin Group has announced the successful completion of first cases using the Apollo™ platform and ApolloKnee™ software for robotic-assisted total knee arthroplasty.

First user, Dr Jeff Lawrence of Wisconsin, USA said, “With Apollo, I can consistently achieve a personalized, dynamic balance of the knee and with fewer soft-tissue releases. Clinically, this results in less pain, better function, and improved outcomes for my patients. I have also been quite impressed by the new ApolloKnee workflow, which features efficient gesture-controls and autonomous planning. I’m very excited by the experience from my first cases and look forward to bringing this technology to all my patients in the future.”  

Apollo empowers surgeons throughout the arthroplasty procedure with tools to create and precisely implement a personalized surgical plan for each patient. Surgeons can learn from past procedures by reviewing data from before and during surgery alongside patient reported outcomes.

“ApolloKnee is the only procedure capable of providing a force-controlled, robotic assessment of the knee throughout the full range of motion and before committing to any bony cuts,” explained Dr Jim Pierrepont, Global Franchise Lead at Corin Group

Additional features of the system include autonomous planning tailored to the surgeon’s preferences and alignment philosophy, gesture-controlled workflow, and a robotic cutting guide for the precise implementation of femoral and tibial cuts. The Apollo station is an elegant and compact system designed to support multiple surgical applications and a streamline, wireless integration to CorinConnect™ for seamless follow-up, clinical research, and continuous learning.

Jon Serbousek, CEO of Corin Group and Senior Advisor to parent company Permira, expressed, “This is a proud moment for Corin, the realization of our vision to bring personalized dynamic balance to patients around the world. We look forward to sharing additional information in the coming weeks as the first Apollo patients reach new milestones in their joint replacement journey.”

The Apollo platform and ApolloKnee software application have United States FDA 510(k) clearance and EU MDR approval.

Source: Corin Group

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