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CMR Surgical Announces First Installation of Versius in Rome


CMR Surgical has announced the adoption of its Versius® Surgical Robotic System by Cristo Re Hospital in Rome. Cristo Re is part of the renowned GIOMI Group and is the first of the leading group of private clinics in Italy to install this practical and innovative surgical tool.

Versius is being used as part of a multi-specialty robotics programme at Cristo Re across gynaecology, urology and general surgery. The programme aims to significantly increase patient access to minimally invasive surgery which is associated with benefits including quicker recovery time, less scarring and less pain for patients.i It has already been used for over 50 successful cancer and benign cases at the clinic including nephrectomies, hysterectomies and hemicolectomies.

Due to the small and modular design of the Versius system, the robot is able to fit into virtually any operating room and be moved between hospital departments so that more patients can benefit from the technology. 

Dr. Massimo Miraglia, CEO of GIOMI Group., said: “The adoption of the Versius system at Cristo Re represents a significant opportunity to increase our patient access to surgical robotics benefits. With Versius, surgical robotics becomes more accessible particularly due to its unique compact scale which can fit in our smaller ORs, allowing all our patients to benefit from the latest health technology within their local communities. We decided also to adopt the Versius Registry in order to benchmark our outcomes with the global community of users to improve health care delivery.”

This announcement follows the recent news that Versius has been installed in the first public hospital in Italy, at Policlinico di Milano. Versius has now been used in over 3,000 clinical cases worldwide and is an established surgical tool in hospitals across Europe, India, the Middle East and Australia.

Mark Slack, Chief Medical Officer of CMR, said: “The arrival of Versius in a major private group of hospitals in Italy is an exciting milestone as Versius continues to demonstrate its merit to both public and private hospitals globally. In designing Versius our goal was to provide a versatile and collaborative surgical robotic system, that worked seamlessly around the surgeon and team. Giomi joins a number of hospital groups around the world who are now routinely using Versius and we are delighted to see it is meeting the various needs of their multi-specialty surgical programme.”

Source: CMR Surgical.


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