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Cleveland Clinic Announces Kidney Transplant Procedure Milestone

Single-port robot for both kidney transplant donor and recipient.

Cleveland Clinic announces that its surgeons orchestrated a nearly simultaneous robotic single-port (SP) kidney transplant procedure for a donor and recipient using one robot.   

In 2019, Cleveland Clinic became the first in the world to perform an SP robotic-assisted kidney transplantation successfully. Now, a recent Cleveland Clinic case shows that with appropriate planning, coordination and attention to detail, both donor and recipient can benefit from the same SP robot. 

Mohamed Eltemamy, MD, a member of both the Center for Robotic and Image-Guided Surgery and Center for Renal Transplantation at Cleveland Clinic, explains, “We’ve used the technology for donors; we’ve used it for recipients; and both benefit from an improved recovery and smaller incision. So, why not try it for both in the same procedure?” 

Dr. Eltemamy led the recipient portion of the surgery, while Alvin Wee, MD, MBA, Director of Renal Transplantation at Cleveland Clinic, performed the living donor surgery.  

Source: Cleveland Clinic

Surgical Robotics Technology

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