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Astrodyne TDI Opens West Coast Tech Center


Astrodyne TDI, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of power supplies and EMI Filters, announces the opening of its West Coast Tech Center in Santa Clara, California. 

The 1500 square foot space serves as the new Astrodyne TDI Global Center of Excellence (CoE) for Application Engineering, allowing its dedicated FAE & applications teams to integrate cutting edge solutions into the most challenging & complex customer applications. The facility will be fully equipped for customer testing and validation of regulatory and safety standards.

“The new WCTC will showcase new technologies, locally demonstrate integration to partner applications, and fundamentally accelerate customers’ design cycles. Due to the continual nature of the design process, enhancing speed and support is the key focus for mutual success with our valued partners. While we continue to design our leading products in our Hackettstown, NJ facility, the WCTC allows us to demonstrate the successful integration of our solutions into our customers’ complex applications.” — Karim Wassef, Chief Sales Officer.

The WCTC is within proximity of some of the world’s largest innovators in the semiconductor, industrial, and medical industries, allowing Astrodyne TDI to maintain a pivotal regional technical presence for its key partners. The facility is open Monday-Friday for in-person visits.

To schedule your visit to the Astrodyne TDI WCTC, go to

Source: Astrodyne TDI.

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