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Asensus Surgical Announces Further Adoption of its Senhance Robotic Surgical System in Japan


Shinmatsudo Central General Hospital to become 7th Senhance hospital in Japan.

Asensus Surgical has announced that the Shinmatsudo Central General Hospital in Matsudo, Japan has entered into an agreement to lease and utilize a Senhance® Surgical System.

“We are excited to partner with the Shinmatsudo Central General Hospital, which has extensive experience as a center for excellence in both laparoscopic and surgical robotics,” said Anthony Fernando, Asensus Surgical President, and CEO. “We are capitalizing on our recent momentum, securing multiple installations in Japan over the past few months. The addition of Shinmatsudo is a great opportunity to further expand the usage of Senhance in the region.”

Asensus Surgical’s technology platform, Senhance Surgical System, is the first of its kind digital laparoscopic platform that leverages augmented intelligence to provide unmatched performance and patient outcomes through machine learning. Senhance goes beyond the typical surgical robotic systems, providing surgical assurance through haptic feedback, eye-tracking camera control, and 3D visualization, and is the first platform to offer 3 mm instruments (the smallest instrument available in the world on a robotic surgical platform). The Senhance Surgical System is powered by the Intelligent Surgical Unit™ (ISU™). The ISU enables machine vision-driven control of the camera for a surgeon by responding to commands and recognizing certain objects and locations in the surgical field, and allows a surgeon to change the visualized field of view using the movement of their instruments.

“We are looking forward to incorporating Senhance into our existing surgical robotics department,” said Dr. Ryota Matsuo,M.D.,Ph.D., the director of the Shinmatsudo Central General Hospital. “By utilizing this innovative system, we hope to continue providing the highest level of care to our patients while allowing our physicians to leverage the surgical intelligence Senhance provides.”

Source: Asensus Surgical.

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