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Activ Surgical Launches ActivInsights Augmented Reality Software Suite

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Digital surgery pioneer, ActivSurgical™, has introduced the ActivInsights™ software suite, a proprietary augmented reality (AR)-based bundle that offers real time tissue assessment in the form of previously unavailable visual overlays. The new software suite, along with the company’s interoperable imaging module, ActivSight™, are the first commercially-available products of the ActivEdge™ platform, which is being designed to transform massive amounts of data gathered intra-operatively to provide surgeons real-time guidance in the operating room.

The ability to detect blood flow is critical in most surgical procedures today. Currently, surgeons need to depend on their skill and training to make a decision or acquire expensive surgical visualization towers and inject a dye into the patient in order to see blood flow or determine if tissue is viable. The first offering from the ActivInsights software suite that will be made available to surgeons is thePerfusion View Insight, which will provide the ability to see blood flow and perfusion in real time, without the use of traditional dyes. The Perfusion ViewInsight will allow surgeons to visualize blood flow in real-time without the injection of dye for procedures, including anastomosis in colorectal cases.

The ActivInsights augmented reality software suite will be underpinned by the industry’s largest annotated data set to be developed by the company over the next 12 months. Currently, ActivInsights’ Perfusion View Insights visual overlays are derived from proprietary sensing technologies. Its Perfusion View Insights will be based on mulit-spectral imaging, with the goal of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities in the future as more annotated data is collected and processed through Activ Surgical’s platform.

“I founded Activ Surgical in 2017 with the goal of democratizing surgical care by extending insights from leading surgeons to all surgical systems, regardless of location,” said Dr. Peter Kim, founder and Chief Science and Medical Officer, Activ Surgical. “Bringing our ActivInsights offerings to market is a significant step in realizing this goal as it will provide meaningful visual data that was previously unavailable in the OR to surgeons all across the globe.”

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