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270Surgical Wins FDA Clearance for SurroundScope Laparoscopic Imaging System


270Surgical Ltd. has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance of its next generation SurroundScope System. The SurroundScope is the first laparoscopic imaging system to offer up to 270 degrees field-of-view (FoV).

The SurroundScope improves the Field-of-View by 200% and provides up to 6 times more visual data for surgeons and potential AI platforms. This potentially creates new a paradigm shift by offering open surgery like visualization in minimally invasive surgery.

“The construct of current laparoscopic systems has hardly changed in decades” said company Co-Founder & CEO Avi Levy. “We wanted to develop a configurable camera that could dramatically improve current procedures and open up the doors to many new procedures that currently are not performed using minimally invasive techniques.”

The SurroundScope aims to markedly improve current procedures in General Surgery, OBGYN and Thoracic surgery in a variety of ways, including patient safety, reduced case-times, and workflow improvements.

“One of the pillars of MIS surgery is visualization, or what we call Visual Intelligence / V.I.” stated Chad Croasdale, President and Chief Commercialization Officer. “We just increased the amount of V.I. available to caregivers by as much as 6 times, which can fuel the impact of other emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), and play a huge role in making Robotic Surgery better.”

Source: 270Surgical Ltd.

Surgical Robotics Technology

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