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EANS 2023

European Association of Neurosurgical Societies 2023 – Brain Navi

Event Details

  • 24/09/2023 — 28/09/2023
  • Palau de Congresos de Barcelona Exhibition Area (-1 floor)

About the Event

The EANS 2023 Annual Congress will take place on the 24th-28th of September 2023.

The congress will be themed “Neurosurgery and Technology at the service of Humanity”.

Visit Brain Navi at EANS at booth no. #4 to see the NaoTrac Autonomous Surgical Robot and KrystoLens 3D disposable neuro-endoscope.

Brain Navi robotic neurosurgery

NaoTrac is a Neurosurgical Navigation Robot that merges high-precision technology and the surgeons’ experience to improve accuracy and result. NaoTrac offers fast and precise navigation with “non-contact ” and “frameless” registration, pre-operating planning preparation and choosing the surgical pathway with a 3D vision for precise anatomical location.

For the EANS 2023 NaoTrac Demonstration Workshop – Register here

KrystoLens is the first 3D disposable neuro-endoscope with a wide-angle surgical working channel for cranial surgery visualizations. It’s designed for diagnosing therapeutic procedures like ventriculostomies, biopsies, removal of cysts, tumors, and other obstructions.

surgical navigation robot

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