Surgical Robotics Technology

The History and Evolution of Robotic Surgery

The term “robot” was introduced at the start of the last century, coming from the Czech word “robota”, meaning “labor”. More recently, computer assistance, telepresence and virtual reality have been applied with robotics to surgical procedures. Robots have been used in surgery for around 35 years, with significant growth in the last two decades due to technological advancements. Despite its relatively recent introduction in surgery, robotic technology has proven to provide benefits such as enhanced visualisation, and improved dexterity and precision during minimally invasive surgical procedures. This paper describes the history and evolution of robotic surgery, discussing current players.

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Academic paper authors: Andre Luiz Gioia Morrell, Alexander Charles Morrell-Junior, Allan Gioia Morrell, Jose Mauricio Freitas Mendes ACBC-SP, Francisco Tustumi TCBC-RJ, Luiz Gustavo De-Oliveira-E-Silva TCBC-RJ and Alexander Morrell TCBC-SP

Surgical Robotics Technology

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