Surgical Robotics Technology

Path to Surgical Robotics in Neurosurgery

Robotic systems can efficiently carry out complicated tasks that require a high degree of accuracy and precision. This has resulted in robotics being used in a variety of neurosurgical applications such as intracranial biopsies, spinal instrumentation, and placement of intracranial leads.

This paper provides an historical overview to robotics and its implementation across various surgical specialities. It explores the robotic systems that have been developed specifically for neurosurgical applications, and the relative advantages of these systems compared to traditional surgical techniques, particularly as it relates to integration of image guidance with the ability of the robotic arm to reliably execute pre-planned tasks. It also looks at future technological advancements that will become available to help improve capabilities, user experience, and overall patient clinical outcomes.

View paper Path to Surgical Robotics in Neurosurgery.

Academic paper written by Omaditya Khanna, MD, Ryan Beasley, PhD, Daniel Franco, MD, Simon DiMaio, PhD.

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Surgical Robotics Technology

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