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Safe and effective use of active robotics for total knee arthroplasty

This paper presents the early results of a multicenter study of a novel active robotic system for total knee arthroplasty (TKA). The robotic system performs automated milling of bone surfaces, and the study objectives were to assess system safety and effectiveness in a US population.

The multicenter clinical trial followed 115 patients for a minimum of 6-months. Safety was evaluated based on a pre-defined list robot-related adverse events. Efficacy was assessed radiographically comparing planned versus achieved coronal limb alignment.

View active robotics for total knee arthroplasty study results.

Study authors: Bernard N. Stulberg, Jayson D. Zadzilka, Stefan Kreuzer, Yair D. Kissin, Ralph Liebelt, William J. Long, Valentina Campanelli

Source: Journal of Orthopaedics (2021)

Surgical Robotics Technology

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