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Robotic Surgery: The Future of Gynaecology

robotic surgery the future of gynaecology

In gynaecology, robotic surgery is used for various benign and malignant procedures. Robotic surgery can assist surgeons in many ways, including dissection, suturing as well as offering a faster recovery time for patients. This article offers an overview of the progression of robotic assisted surgery in gynaecology and highlights how it can continue to assist in these procedures despite some drawbacks.

Read: Robotic Surgery: The Future of Gynaecology

Authors: Isha Chandrakar, Sandhya Pajai and Shikha Toshniwal.

Figure 1: Operation theatre setup for robot-assisted surgery. Illustrated by Isha Chandrakar. Modified with permission from Copyright ©️ 2022, Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc. 

Source: Cureus (2022)

Surgical Robotics Technology

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