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HAWE Micro Fluid GmbH is a certified company (DIN EN ISO 13485/9001) and a member of the HAWE Group. Looking back on more than 35 years of experience in the microhydraulics and compact hydraulics field, HAWE Micro Fluid GmbH has established itself as a specialist in this market not only nationally, but also internationally. The company is synonymous with maximum reliability, quality, and safety and welcomes individual customer requests.

Fields of application

  • Operating tables
  • Stretchers/gurneys
  • Robotic surgery
  • Medical devices

Lifting columns for operating tables

Working under efficiency pressure, operating teams have to manage an increasing number of surgeries in a limited time frame. The operating table has assumed a central role in making their work as easy and comfortable as possible. It has to be highly functional in order to cover every aspect of an operation, yet must have a compact design and be absolutely reliable – no matter the patient’s weight. The lifting column thus functions as a core element of the operating table. Lifting columns made by HAWE offer a wide performance range for operating tables and offer diverse functions, a wide range of adjustment options, and optimised space requirements. They are synonymous with high operating comfort, safe operation, and maximum quality, and are generally electrically operated, but can also be optionally fitted with a manual emergency actuation function. Our components and systems meet key requirements, regardless of size, use, or system complexity. All versions are delivered fully functional and undergo comprehensive testing prior to shipping. As a result, they are ready to use immediately.

Basic functions of all lifting columns

  • Height up/down, Trendelenburg/anti-Trendelenburg, tilt right/left

Supplementation by a max. of five additional functions

  • Leg/back adjustments, slide, kidney bridge, floor lock

Floor-lock-sets for medical devices

During use, mobile medical equipment such as operating tables or surgical robots must be secured and supported, regardless of flooring. At the same time, maximum safety must be ensured – a top priority in ongoing clinical operations. With the increasing emergence of hybrid operating rooms, these topics will be of tremendous importance in the future and HAWE offers you a number of solutions.


  • Lock, stabilizing aid, and damping for surgical robots, operating tables, and mobile medical equipment

Hydraulic drives for stretcher/gurneys

In an emergency, every second counts. It is crucial to provide patients with immediate care, and rescue vehicles must carry versatile equipment to be able to handle any accident scenario. Particular attention is given to patient transport, since it is important that patients are handled safely at the site of the accident and on the way to the hospital. This is where stretchers/gurneys come in, which must be lightweight, versatile, and robust.


  • Significant relief for paramedics due to active raising and lowering
  • System durability and safety as a result of high efficiency and manual emergency function
  • Suitable for special medical transport situations (such as premature babies)
  • In general: greater safety and comfort in daily use

HAWE Micro Fluid GmbH

Drives for emergency stretchers (EMS), lifting columns for operating tables, floor- lock-sets for medical devices such as surgery robots / C-arms, general microhydraulic components as well as hydraulic applications for a variety of medical devices.

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