Surgical Robotics Technology

A Review of Robotics for Head and Neck Surgery

Surgical robots have relatively recently entered the medical field, particularly in gynecology, urology, and general surgery. However, the safety and clinical effectiveness of robot-assisted surgery (RAS) in the field of head and neck surgery has not been clearly established. This review evaluates to what degree robotic surgery could be applied in head and neck surgery, in which fields it is already in place and what benefits can be seen when compared to traditional surgery.

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Source: MDPI and ACS Style

Boehm, F.; Graesslin, R.; Theodoraki, M.-N.; Schild, L.; Greve, J.; Hoffmann, T.K.; Schuler, P.J. Current Advances in Robotics for Head and Neck Surgery—A Systematic Review. Cancers 202113, 1398.

Surgical Robotics Technology

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