Surgical Robotics Technology

Micromate™ – Full-fledged Robotic Platform for Percutaneous Procedures

Micromate™ brings medical robotics to every patient table by making robots more accessible, easier to use, smaller, and lighter.

Micromate™ is the world’s first head-to-toe medical robotics platform that empowers interventional radiologists and oncologists with an affordable, easy-to-use miniature robot for biopsies, tumor ablations, and other percutaneous needle interventions.

Micromate™ is equipped with full-fledged planning and navigation features that allow doctors to plan single or multi-needle interventions without angular limitations and perform an automatic or joystick-controlled alignment with submillimeter accuracy to the planned trajectory within seconds.

Micromate™ is small and table-mounted, which allows for full-body patient access (even inside the gantry), and unmatched accuracy. It has also proven to reduce intervention time, and user and patient radiation.

All of this while keeping the clinical team from making changes to its usual workflow.

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