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High Precision Robotic Surgical Navigation Medical Devices – Jerry Chen, CEO at Brain Navi

In this interview, Jerry (Chieh Hsiao) Chen, CEO at Brain Navi, discusses the company’s background, long-term goals, and the benefits of the NaoTrac Neurosurgical Navigation Robot.

The interview covers:-

0:13 – What inspired you to start this company, and what are your long-term goals for its growth and impact?

2:21 – Can you please tell us about Brain Navi?

3:48 – Tell us about NaoTrac and what is unique compared to existing solutions?

6:18 – What surgeries can be performed with NaoTrac?

9:23 – How do you see the current landscape of the healthcare industry, and how will Brain Navi make a significant impact?

11:00 – What does Brain Navi need to expand and achieve its goals?

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