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Empowering the Surgeon with Collaborative Robotics – Anne Osdoit, CEO at Moon Surgical

In this interview, Anne Osdoit explains how Moon Surgical is empowering the surgeon with its Maestro™ Surgical Robotic System.

Moon Surgical believes that the future of the operating room lies in the hands of the empowered surgeon, bolstered with complete control, renewed confidence, and technology adaptable to any situation.

The interview covers:

0:13 – Please provide a background to yourself.

1:24 – Please tell us about Moon Surgical.

2:28 – Please tell us about the Maestro System.

3:45 – Which clinical applications is the Maestro System targeting?

4:42 – What are the limitations with existing systems in the market?

6:35 – How does the Maestro System overcome these limitations?

7:46 – Can you provide more detail on what makes the Maestro System unique and its benefits?

10:13 – What are the next milestones that Moon Surgical is working towards?

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