Surgical Robotics Technology

Joe Mullings – Winner Spotlight: Industry Leadership

Spotlight video for Joe Mullings, winner of the Industry Leadership category at the Surgical Robotics Industry Awards 2023.

Joe Mullings is Chairman & CEO of The Mullings Group Companies and has been building companies and careers since 1989. His search firm works with more than 800 companies and has been responsible for over 8,000 successful searches in medtech, healthtech and lifesciences.

This video covers:-

  • 0:12 – Please provide a background to yourself
  • 0:51 – Please tell us about the Mullings Group Companies
  • 1:41 – Please tell us about your work in the surgical robotics space
  • 2:46 – What excites you the most about the surgical robotics industry?
  • 3:41 – What are your predictions for the surgical robotics industry in the next 5-10 years?
  • 4:42 – What does this recognition from the surgical robotics community mean to you?


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