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Total Joint Orthopedics and THINK Surgical Join Forces to Improve Knee Replacement Procedures


Total Joint Orthopedics (TJO) and THINK Surgical have announced a new collaboration agreement.

Total Joint Orthopedics (TJO) and THINK Surgical have announced a new collaboration agreement. Under the agreement, THINK Surgical will develop software enabling TJO’s Klassic® Knee System to be implanted using THINK’s TSolution One® Total Knee Application. Both companies will co-market the solution 510(k) clearance to use the Klassic®Knee System with the TSolution One Total Knee Application.

“We are excited to partner with THINK Surgical to provide surgeons with additional technological solutions to implant TJO’s Klassic® Knee,” said Erin Hofmann, CEO of Total Joint Orthopedics. “As part of our evolution of technology, this partnership expands our portfolio of open source planning, navigation, and robotic options available to joint surgeons across the United States.”

Total Joint Orthopedics’ Klassic® Knee System incorporates an innate efficiency and intuitive instrumentation to save sterilization cost and turnover time. Launched in 2013, the Klassic®Knee System’s modern, universal knee design restores natural kinematic function. Accompanied by TJO’s unmatched Klassic ONE® instrumentation, the Klassic®Knee allows simplicity and ease of use with only one tray needed for up to 90% of cases (100% may be performed with two trays).

“THINK Surgical looks forward to the addition of TJO’s Klassic® Knee Systemto our open implant library, providing surgeons another choice in the treatment of patients with end-stage knee arthritis,” said Jay Yang, acting CEO of THINK Surgical, Inc. “Much like the advanced technology offered by TJO, THINK Surgical’s TSolution One Total Knee Application, which features an active robot, is taking orthopedic surgery further in providing consistency and dimensional accuracy in total joint replacement procedures.”

The TSolution One Total Knee Application combines two exclusive innovations to advance total joint replacement surgery. The system consists of TPLAN®, a 3D pre-surgical planning workstation and TCAT®, an active robot. The pre-surgical planning allows the surgeon to design and prepare, in a virtual environment, the patient’s unique joint replacement plan using a choice of implant options. The active robot aids the surgeon in executing the preoperative plan with precise control, performing hands-free cutting of the bone for precise placement of the implant.

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