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THINK Surgical and LINK Announce Collaboration Agreement


THINK Surgical, Inc. has announced that it will enter into a new Collaboration Agreement with Waldemar Link GmbH & Co. KG from Germany (LINK). Through this collaboration, THINK Surgical will add the LinkSymphoKnee System to THINK Surgical’s ID-HUB™, a proprietary data bank of implant modules for use with its TMINI™ Miniature Robotic System.

THINK Surgical is committed to providing open platform orthopedic surgical robots that support implants from multiple manufactures.  To further this commitment, THINK is pleased to add LINK implants to its ID-HUB database which further enhances the options available to surgeons using the TMINI system for more personalized and precise surgical outcomes.

The TMINI system includes a wireless robotic handpiece that assists surgeons in performing total knee replacement and first received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. FDA in April 2023. The addition of the LinkSymphoKnee System to THINK Surgical’s ID HUB database will allow LINK customers in the U.S. access to robotic assisted technology for total knee replacement. The development of the implant module has already started with THINK Surgical poised to seek FDA clearance in the coming months for use of the TMINI System with the LinkSymphoKnee System. The collaboration between LINK and THINK Surgical aligns with LINK’s commitment to offering the most innovative solutions to the market.

“LINK has a long history of innovative product development and embracing cutting edge technologies. We are excited about this new collaboration with LINK that will enable even more choice for customers and patients in the U.S.” said Stuart Simpson, president, and chief executive officer of THINK Surgical.

“We are pleased to partner with another industry leader like THINK Surgical to showcase this cutting-edge technology,” said Peter Willenborg, chief executive officer of LINK. “Handheld technology represents the next evolutionary leap in robotic surgery, particularly for new users and outpatient surgery centers. This partnership underscores our commitment to offering the most innovative solutions to the market. The integration of THINK Surgical’s advanced robotic technology with LINK’s state-of-the-art TKA system, LinkSymphoKnee, further enhances patient care.”

Source: THINK Surgical, Inc.

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