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Successful Validation for Distalmotion’s Dexter Surgical Robot


Successful validation for Dexter brings Distalmotion surgical robot one-step closer to commercialisation.

Swiss-based medical technology company, Distalmotion, announced today the successful validation of its surgical robot, Dexter. Distalmotion is focused on removing the complexity out of robotic surgery to speed up its widespread adoption in minimally invasive surgical treatments. Successful validation confirms that Dexter is safe for use and meets surgeons and nurses requirements – taking the system one-step closer to full commercialization.

Distalmotion advised that at end of February and early March 2020, 17 surgeons and 16 nurses from leading European hospitals, across urology, gynaecology and general surgery, participated in Dexter validation first step. In this phase, surgical teams successfully performed surgical procedures using Distalmotion’s surgical robot, including draping, docking, use, switching between laparoscopy and robotics, removal and emergency scenarios. This phase confirmed Dexter performs as intended and can be used safely. As a second step, 2 urologists and 3 general surgeons performed 8 full procedures: 1 Nissen-fundoplication, 1 partial cystectomy, 3 cholecystectomies, 1 radial nephrectomy, 1 partial gastrectomy and 1 sigmoid mobilization. This second phase confirmed Dexter’s full performance for procedures on life tissues.

Speaking about Dexter successful validation early March 2020, Michael Friedrich, Distalmotion CEO, said, “The Dexter validation is a major milestone towards the go-to-market of Distalmotion’s surgical robot. We are now setting our sight on the final testing and verification before regulatory approval and commercialisation. Today’s announcement is bringing us one step closer to our vision of establishing a new global standard of care allowing everyone to access the benefits of robotic surgery.”

Surgical Robotics Technology

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