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Saintes Hospital Completes 200 Surgeries with Distalmotion’s Dexter®

200 Successful Surgery Cases with Dexter®

In April 2022, Saintes Hospital became the first healthcare institution in France to adopt the Dexter robotic surgical system. A year later, Distalmotion announces that the surgical team at Saintes Hospital have reached the milestone of 200 surgeries with Dexter. The robotic system has been used by eight surgeons (Dr. Emeriau, Dr. Forgues, Dr. Mignot, Dr. Hugues, Dr. Thillou, Dr. Bodet, Dr. Robin, Dr. Ali Benali) across the urology, gynecology, and general surgery departments to perform a wide range of medium to highly complex soft-tissue surgical procedures.

Dexter enables on-demand robotics, giving surgical teams the flexibility to choose their preferred tools and technology when they need them, and the unique ability to switch to and from robotic surgery in just 20 seconds. Surgeons retain control while benefiting from robotic dexterity and precision whenever they need it.

Dr. Damien Emeriau, Head of Surgery at Saintes Hospital, emphasized the significance of achieving 200 cases: “We are proud to reach this milestone as a team of surgeons across three specialties. With Dexter, we are at the forefront of robotic surgery and can offer our patients the most advanced surgical options available. Dexter has been a game-changer for our hospital and has helped us to provide more patients with the highest standard of care.”

Thanks to their wide-ranging choice of movements, Dexter’s robotic arms give surgeons access to a broad surgical workspace without the need to redock, providing excellent control when undertaking these minimally invasive techniques. Dexter disrupts the robotic market by offering a differentiated robotic experience through an open and versatile platform.

Dr. Guillaume Hugues, a urology surgeon, highlighted Dexter’s impact in the OR: “Dexter is a precise tool that allows for fine dissection and suturing, which is particularly useful in confined spaces, such as during a prostatectomy. We feel much more confident dissecting to remove tumors while preserving the vital functions of the patient. We can tailor each operation to the patient’s needs, since no two procedures are exactly alike. The on-demand system helps us to deliver optimal care to our patients. In addition, Dexter allows us to operate comfortably, seated at the console, reducing physical tiredness, and improving performance.”

Michael Friedrich, CEO at Distalmotion, reflects on the milestone: “We endeavour to help hospitals and surgeons deliver a better standard of care to as many patients as possible. Dexter is now used daily in hospitals by surgeons across Europe. We continue to expand our footprint and we are delighted that patients are benefiting from all that Dexter offers to surgical teams.”

The successful completion of 200 surgical cases using on-demand robotic surgery with Dexter marks a significant achievement for both Distalmotion and Saintes Hospital. Both organizations look forward to continued collaboration to provide patients with the best quality of care.

Source: Distalmotion

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