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Noah Medical Announces First Use of the Galaxy System™ in Asia


Noah Medical has announced that the first use of its Galaxy System in Asia was conducted at Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong by Dr. Calvin Ng and Dr. Rainbow Lau. The Galaxy System allows physicians to confidently navigate to and biopsy lung nodules as part of a more effective and efficient bronchoscopy procedure. The procedure marks the beginning of the first clinical trial of the robotic bronchoscopy system in Asia.

“We are excited to be the first site in Asia to trial this exciting new technology,” said Calvin Ng, MD. “The Galaxy System is the latest generation in robotic bronchoscopy and we are very much looking forward to seeing this being used in Hong Kong, and eventually the broader Asia region.”

Designed in collaboration with physicians, the robotic platform features a groundbreaking combination of innovative new technologies and features, including proprietary integrated tomosynthesis (TiLT+ Technology™) with augmented fluoroscopy, a disposable single-use bronchoscope, and a small, compact footprint that allows for easy integration into most bronchoscopy suites. Recent results have shown the Galaxy Systems’ ability to achieve 100% successful navigation to lesion, 100% diagnostic yield and 95% tool-in-lesion accuracy in a preclinical trial, and 100% tool-in-lesion accuracy and 90-95% diagnostic yield in a human trial.

The Hong Kong trial will focus on further validating the system’s TiLT+ Technology, its center-strike accuracy and overall diagnostic yield. The first patients have been enrolled successfully and the trial is currently underway.

“Congratulations to Dr. Ng, Dr. Lau and the team at Prince of Wales Hospital for their continued efforts in bringing advanced robotic lung technologies to Asia,” said Jian Zhang, PhD, Noah Medical founder and CEO. “We are excited to explore the opportunity of early diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer globally, which will benefit billions of patients. Our mission, in concert with pioneers like Dr. Ng and Dr. Lau, is to help physicians diagnose and treat lung cancer more accurately and efficiently than ever before.”

Dr. Ng, who is the principal investigator of this trial, is a trailblazer and leading innovator in minimally invasive thoracic surgery techniques in the Asia-Pacific region. His pioneering work has played a key role in advancing surgical technologies and targeted therapies for lung cancer.

The Galaxy System received FDA clearance in early 2023 and has been in use commercially in the U.S. since May. The Galaxy System is Noah Medical’s first commercial robotic system. The company’s mission is to deliver adoptable clinical solutions through innovative endoluminal technologies to enhance the quality of life for patients globally.

Source: Noah Medical

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