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The Franche-Comté Polyclinic & Moon Surgical Showcase the Maestro System’s Simplicity and Ease-of-Use


Dr. Henry Mercoli performing a procedure using the commercial Maestro System at the Franche-Comté Polyclinic in Besançon, France.

The Franche-Comté Polyclinic and Moon Surgical share their experience using the Maestro System in the treatment of more than 40 patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery.

The surgical team at the Franche-Comté Polyclinic rapidly achieved autonomy with the Maestro System, requiring support from Moon Surgical staff for just six procedures before independently managing setup and operation. This swift transition underscores the user-friendly design of the system.

“The learning curve with robotic-assisted surgery devices today is significant, often mandating multi-day training, case observations, and proctored procedures,” said Dr. Mercoli, one of the leading minimally invasive bariatric surgeons in France who practices at the Franche-Comté Polyclinic. “The Maestro System is entirely different; after only a one-hour onsite training, I could use it immediately to enhance my existing laparoscopic technique with more control and stability. Since then, Maestro has become a central part of our surgical practice.”

Implementing the new commercial Maestro System benefits not just surgeons but also their assistants, often in dire shortage, who must often hold ergonomically challenging positions for prolonged periods – leading to pain and shortened careers.

“The Maestro System has been a wonderful addition to our operating room,” said Dany Scheffer, who assists Dr. Mercoli at the Franche-Comté Polyclinic. “I feel much better at the end of the day because it eliminated my need to hold long uncomfortable positions. My hands are also free to anticipate operative needs and assist the surgeon in a more efficient manner.”

Globally, over 20 million patients undergo soft tissue procedures annually. With the Maestro System, Moon Surgical empowers laparoscopy teams in these procedures with the latest technology in robotics, computer vision, and artificial intelligence. The system is designed to enhance the precision and control of laparoscopic surgery and meet the needs of high-volume surgeons performing procedures such as cholecystectomy and hernia repairs while supporting complex multi-quadrant procedures.

Source: Moon Surgical

Surgical Robotics Technology

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