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Largest Hospital in Queensland, Australia Acquires Multiple Accuray Radixact® Systems


Accuray has announced that Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH), the largest medical facility in Queensland, Australia, has selected two Radixact Systems with ClearRT™ helical fan-beam kVCT imaging and Synchrony® artificial intelligence (AI)-driven four-dimensional (4D) dynamic delivery technology to expand access to potentially life-saving radiotherapy treatments to more patients. The Radixact Systems will replace existing, older TomoTherapy® Systems and in combination with ClearRT and Synchrony, are designed to provide unprecedented versatility in the types of tumors and indications that can be treated – and superior efficiency, precision and accuracy in radiation treatment delivery.

High-quality images are crucial to each step of the radiotherapy treatment workflow. ClearRT, a helical CT imaging solution, was created to empower medical care teams to produce exceptional diagnostic-like quality CT images, quickly and cost-effectively. ClearRT imaging enables high confidence in the patient set-up and registration that form the basis of radiation therapy treatment planning, delivery and monitoring, and are key to the successful treatment of organ-confined, locally advanced and metastatic tumors. ClearRT also integrates with other Accuray-only applications, such as Synchrony, a sophisticated technology that adapts treatment delivery to tumor motion in real time.

“We value our long-standing partnership with the RBWH team and are honored they made the decision to upgrade to the Radixact System integrated with ClearRT and Synchrony – novel solutions that we believe will enable them to advance patients’ quality of care,” said Suzanne Winter, president at Accuray. “The Radixact System is a workhorse radiotherapy device capable of efficiently and effectively treating the routine cases seen daily, as well as the most difficult cases when needed. We are committed to supporting our customers with innovative new products that improve the lives of people diagnosed with cancer and facilitate its management as a long-term, chronic condition.”

RBWH is a world-leading healthcare, research and innovation hub, known for its preeminent cancer care. In 2019, RBWH’s multidisciplinary staff provided more than 153,023 cancer care treatments, consultations, and admissions. alphaXRT, as the exclusive distributor, installer and training partner for the Accuray CyberKnife® and TomoTherapy® platform portfolios in Australia and New Zealand, worked with the RBWH team as they evaluated radiotherapy systems and selected the Radixact® System with ClearRT™ and Synchrony®.

RBWH is seeing an increasing number of patients diagnosed with cancer. When the hospital’s medical care team decided to upgrade their TomoTherapy Systems, they felt it was important to select a fast, versatile device capable of precisely treating virtually any indication and complexity. Based on the team’s experience with TomoTherapy, they considered Radixact to be the ideal system for them. It offers continuous 360-degree precision plus much needed flexibility with the integration of ClearRT and Synchrony. Once installed, they will have access to a powerful set of tools for increasing patient throughput while delivering (ultra) hypofractionated and conventionally fractionated treatments, personalized to the unique requirements of each patient.

Source: Accuray.

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