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Piezo Motion Announces a Partnership with Applied Mechatronics


Piezo Motion, a Brain Scientific company, and Applied Mechatronics have announced a partnership. Piezo Motion is a developer and leading manufacturer of automation technology. Applied Mechatronics, based in Walnut Creek, California, has been a manufacturing representative in the motion control industry since 2002.

Applied Mechatronics’ primary focus is on applications and manufacturers in Washington, Oregon, California and Nevada that serve mechanical and electronic automation. Piezo Motion’s multifaceted rotary and linear motors are built with technology that provides a stable, accurate motor designed specifically for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that require ultimate speed, size and accuracy.

“Piezo Motion allows us to offer a cost-effective solution through its patented piezo technology for low power/high precision applications,” said Joe Perez, vice president at Applied Mechatronics. “This means we can now offer Piezo Motion technology for volume OEM applications. In the past, we found this technology to be out of reach.”

Piezo Motion motors are used globally for a variety of applications. These include medical devices, biomedicine, optics, semiconductors, nanotechnology industries, and industrial electronic and automotive systems, along with an expanding portfolio of products that combine performance with dramatically lower cost over conventional piezo solutions.

“Our breakthrough precision motion products continue to displace traditional motors and actuators,” said Hassan Kotob, chairman and CEO of Brain Scientific. “Our partnership with Applied Mechatronics will provide their customers with unique and innovative piezo solutions at an affordable price.”

Source: Piezo Motion

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