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Medical Business of Hutchinson Technology, Inc. Joins Resonetics

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Resonetics has announced the acquisition of the medical business of Hutchinson Technology, Inc. (HTI). The HTI Medical business, based in Hutchinson, Minnesota, has developed a number of proprietary manufacturing processes to fabricate and assemble tight-tolerance, metal components for market-leading devices used to seal vessels in many types of surgery. The company has industry-leading processes to chemically etch blades, create ceramic features on metal substrates and to fabricate miniaturized electromechanical sensors. These sensors may be used in conventional and robotic surgery and with automated devices to provide real-time feedback to surgeons as well as to authenticate proper setup and utilization in the surgical suite.

“We’re excited to add an array of innovative manufacturing processes developed over decades at HTI Medical” said Tom Burns, President & CEO of Resonetics. “These processes improve product performance while also reducing manufacturing costs. Looking forward, the ability to integrate mechanical and electronic components in a miniaturized package will enable our customers to broaden adoption of exciting new automated devices and advance surgical robotics to enhance precision, reduce human error, and improve patient outcomes.” Resonetics has signed a long-term lease for 130,000 square feet in the Hutchinson, MN facility and will gain a tenured staff of nearly 150 engineers, technicians and skilled associates.

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