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Robotics Specialist FORWARDttc Joins avateramedical

avateramedical GmbH announces the acquisition of software and hardware automation technology specialist, FORWARDttc GmbH.

German surgical robotics company, avateramedical GmbH, has announced the acquisition of software and hardware automation technology specialist, FORWARDttc GmbH. The deal was completed on 30 July 2020 and following a period of integration, FORWARDttc will operate as avateramedical Digital Solutions and focus entirely on internal projects of the avateramedical Group.

FORWARDttc GmbH was founded in 2012 as a spin-off from the Institute of Mechatronic Systems, Leibniz University, Hanover, Germany. The Company offers a wide range of services in software for robotics, kinematics, visualization and mixed reality, as well as safety and machine learning. FORWARDttc GmbH was founded by three experienced engineers with backgrounds in mechatronics, robotic systems and software across academia and industry. The founders have already successfully completed several medical robotics projects and are leading a team of 13 full-time employees. Co-founders Prof. Tobias Ortmaier and Matthias Dagen will serve as Managing Directors of avateramedical Digital Solutions; Dr. Jens Kotlarski will be responsible for the innovation management for all software-related topics.

avateramedical Digital Solutions will operate from Hanover, Germany, to retain its close ties to Leibniz University. “Our agreement to acquire FORWARDttc represents another milestone in avateramedical’s strategy to expand opportunities for future growth and shortened innovation cycles by building up valuable resources,” commented Oliver Kupka, CEO of the avateramedical Group. “We are excited for the FORWARDttc team to join avateramedical. This is a unique opportunity to integrate a close-knit team of highly trained specialists, who will provide a permanent and scalable in-house software solution to create substantial and lasting value for avateramedical’s customers, our employees, and our shareholders. FORWARDttc’s deep understanding of complex areas such as automation technologies, software and mechatronics perfectly complements avateramedical’s outstanding expertise in robotassisted, minimally invasive surgery. This substantiates our innovative strength on the threshold to market entry of the avatera® system.

“The entire team at FORWARDttc is thrilled to join forces with avateramedical,“ added Prof. Tobias Ortmaier, co-founder of FORWARDttc and Managing Director of avateramedical Digital Solutions. “Our focus on user experience, image processing, cloud computing, virtual reality and AI provides a complementary skillset to avateramedical. Addressing the future software needs, we can support the further development of avatera® and contribute to the realization of our ambitious goals. This opens up great opportunities for us to develop further in a cutting-edge technology segment.”

Matthias Dagen, co-founder of FORWARDttc and Managing Director of avateramedical Digital Solutions, added: “Our down-to-earth, entrepreneurial culture and enthusiasm for new challenges are a great fit to avateramedical’s DNA and we are looking forward to further developing ‘The German Robot’. As engineers, we know the technical side of robotics – and as human beings we are excited about how the well-thought-out use of mechatronic systems can positively shape our future.”

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