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ADVANCED Motion Controls® Expands FlexPro Servo Drive Range


New from ADVANCED Motion Controls® is the FM100-50-EM FlexPro® EtherCAT servo drive. This new servo drive is capable of outputting 50 amps continuous current rms and 100 amps peak current, and has a wide input voltage range of 20-90 DC.

Despite the drive’s small size, it has a maximum continuous power output of 4.5 kW, so it can handle the most demanding of applications. Designed with compact form and power density in mind, the mini-sized FlexPro® drives can outperform larger-sized digital servo drives and still be integrated into tight spaces. While slightly larger than the micro-sized models, two mini-sized FlexPro® drives can still fit on a standard business card.

The FM100-50-EM’s small size and easy connectivity allows it to be installed anywhere in a machine with standard cabling techniques. This frees the up the engineer to place the drive wherever necessary while still maintaining the small size.


  • 50.8 mm x 43.2 mm footprint, 26.9 mm tall (2.00 x 1.70 x 1.06in) FM100-50-EM
  • 20-90 VDC input
  • 50 A continuous rms
  • 100 A peak
  • Incremental encoder, EnDat 2.2, and BISS C-mode feedback
  • Torque, velocity, and position operating modes
  • EtherCAT communication (CANopen and RS485/RS232 variants coming soon)
  • Configuration and full loop tuning
  • STO (Safe Torque Off)
  • IMPACT™ architecture.

Source: Advanced Motion Controls.

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