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Tips for Building Exceptional Surgical Navigation Solutions

Surgical navigation solutions

Surgical navigation and robotic systems are mechanically complex. The hardware typically needs to be mobile, moving from one OR to another, as cases are completed, and rooms are cleaned. Multiple screens, user interfaces, cameras, and in some cases, a robotic arm itself all need to be precisely positioned and held securely to the mobile cart or operating room table. Given the complexity of the underlying system technology itself, working with a manufacturer that can handle the mobility and positioning hardware can greatly accelerate your speed to market and ensure a high-quality solution.

There has been a proliferation of new surgical navigation and robotics system manufacturers. Many of these companies need to deliver complex products in low production quantities, at least initially. Where high quality existing mechanical components can be adapted, it is much easier than designing from scratch. Partners do exist that have pre-built mechanical cart and arm systems specifically designed for surgical applications. The ability to brand these in creative ways, can also transition into a more customized solution as the production volumes increase and warrant that investment.

Modular solutions allow your company to add accessories according to need, creating the perfect surgical navigation cart or robotic surgery cart. Components—like arms, cameras, etc. (link to accessories or online catalogue) – can be properly positioned according to exact user needs, essential to deploying a functional surgical navigation system. Articulating arms for positioning cameras and screens are great add-ons because they give providers maximum flexibility to use them in the safest, most effective, and most ergonomic ways possible during all types of procedures. Robust modular product lines enable countless configuration options for numerous applications, faster production/to-market times, and simple corporate design adaptations. And when an end-user needs change, modifications can usually be done quickly and painlessly. Along with physical cart build flexibility, when you partner with manufacturers offering these types of solutions, your customers will also enjoy flexibility with streamlining tasks related to regulations and labeling.

The goal is always for surgeons, nurses, and other healthcare providers to have what they need to do their jobs better and more comfortably, all while improving patient outcomes. So, advanced planning and correct placement of all add-ons are key to ensuring carts are optimized for their intended use and for gaining the trust and buy-in of the people using them. As a product manager or engineering professional of an OEM, you’ll benefit by working with experienced manufacturers that understand the needs of your market and are willing to take the time necessary to help you configure custom solutions. iTD, for example, offers everything needed to create surgical navigation carts for all types of procedures and specialties, including robotics. If you’re running a smaller program where production volumes make it hard to justify the development of fully custom solutions, we often recommend hybrid solutions, including both modular and customer-specific components. These build types accommodate a wide range of customer-specific adaptations from simple to complex, as well as extensive corporate design adaptations. Utilizing iTD’s high-quality modular systems also allows you to get products to market quicker because parts are readily available and can quickly be put together.  

For both modular and hybrid solutions, iTD offers a combination of world-class carts and arms to help you design the perfect surgical navigation cart— end products that boast modern design elements that give patients and doctors confidence that their facility is operating on the forefront of progress—leaving outdated equipment behind. Our convenient online configurator is easy to use, facilitating maximum flexibility when designing for all user types. If you need something a bit more customized, our knowledgeable team will work directly with your team to build that out.  As with most things, the earlier you begin planning what you want your final product to look like, the better. To get started, access the iTD Configurator or get in touch with one of our qualified build experts today.


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iTD GmbH provides carrier solutions for pioneering surgical technologies. With the iTD modular system, equipment carts and support arms can be configured to meet the exact requirements of the technology, its manufacturers and the users in hospitals and medical surgery.

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