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Ultra-low Latency Video Streaming for Robotic Surgery

In this interview, Mark Andrews, Business Development Director and Kerim Şare, Global Business Manager at Soliton, discuss ultra-low latency video streaming for robotic surgery.

The interview covers:-

0:15 – What is the background of Soliton and how did telesurgery come onto your horizon?

3:16 – What are the main applications of video streaming in robotic surgery?

5:05 – What are the challenges with video streaming for telesurgery?

8:17 – What are the limitations of existing live streaming technologies in the market?

10:22 – How is Soliton addressing these challenges and limitations?

12:21 – Can you provide more detail on how your live streaming technology works and its features?

17:02 – What is your process for starting new OEM projects for Telesurgery live streaming and control applications?

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