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Visionflex and VDOC announce partnership


Telehealth specialist, Visionflex, announces a new partnership with Indian telemedicine leaders, VDOC.

Pioneers of evidence-based telemedicine devices and solutions for the expansive Indian market, VDOC, is now an official distributor of the Visionflex range of hardware and software telehealth systems, as well as a selection of Visionflex’s approved medical devices.

“India is a huge country with a large regional population where access to healthcare in many areas is limited,” said Visionflex CEO and Co-founder, Mr Mike Harman.

“Telehealth is the obvious way to improve the delivery of health services for millions of people and we are excited to be working with the team at VDOC to help alleviate this problem with the introduction of the Visionflex telehealth system.

“During these Covid times, telehealth is becoming increasingly important in the delivery of health services around the globe. Countries like India, that are suffering severely from the pandemic, are in desperate need of assistance and if we can help improve access to health services by using our technology, that would be an amazing outcome.”

VDOC Founders, Mr Sanjeev Malhotra and Mr Siddharth Sharma, said that telehealth is a vital tool for the delivery of primary healthcare across India. The country’s current record-breaking surge in COVID-19 cases has only highlighted the health sector’s structural frailties and the difficulties patients can face in accessing timely and effective healthcare in the world’s second most populated country.

“VDOC is introducing India to evidence-based care and driving the future of assisted primary care across the country,” said Mr Sanjeev and Mr Siddharth.

“Telehealth will drive the future of primary care in India, and it has already started to show tremendous growth. Telehealth is enabling patients to access care providers in the place and time of their choice.”

Mr Siddharth said that choosing to partner with Visionflex was an easy decision to make: “Visionflex, with its cutting-edge hardware and software solutions, has merit over any telemedicine player in the market.

“As they say, ‘if you need to travel fast, you travel alone; but, if you need to travel far, you travel together’. And that is precisely the thought behind the VDOC partnership with Visionflex as we intend to travel far and leverage the knowledge and knowhow of Visionflex in telemedicine and utilise those in Indian use case context.”

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